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Welcome to BlockWatchers Club!  This education based program is designed to help you make your customers successful quilters by improving their sewing skills!  The club format provides an entertaining atmosphere to reach customers of all skill levels.  Each program is designed from a Shop Owners perspective, allowing you to customize the presentation to fit your needs.

 Why BlockWatchers?

This program will increase your sales!  It provides the opportunity to educate your customer, making them better quilters.  Successful quilters sew and spend more!  Confidence in their sewing skills allows customers to select more difficult and larger projects.  The enthusiasm that comes with success is contagious, creating even more customers!  

BlockWatchers is designed from a Shop Owner's perspective.  I own The Quilt Company in Allison Park, PA.  I think like a successful shop owner, because I am one!  This program is created to be cost effective, consumer friendly, and reap maximum sales from your investment. 

What makes BlockWatchers different?

NO Block of the Month patterns!  Each BlockWatcher project requires only 1 pattern (retail $8) for the customer to purchase. 

NO year long commitments!  Each BlockWatcher project has only 4 installments.  Club meeting can be held monthly.  Or test the program in your store with a month of weekly meetings! 

Project Ideas! BlockWatcher Extras are included with each packet.  These additional projects are designed to add value to your program, and your store!  Use these Extra projects in your club and as additional classes, free handouts or project kits.  Extras are NOT limited to your club members, allowing you to maximize your sales! 

SALES!  Each Club packet includes demonstration information, lists of books, patterns and notions that compliment the project for add on sales.  These suggestions are made objectively, and industry wide. 

Customer Appeal!  Each project has a fresh new style!  BlockWatchers avoids the limitations of having a single designer "look", allowing you to reach a larger customer base.             

NO fabric restrictions!  Posters and pattern fronts feature P&B fabric collections. You may order the exact fabrics as shown, or customize the fabric selection to fit the mood and style of your store!  BlockWatchers allows you to use your own store stock!  

Support Materials!  Each club packet includes a full color poster, shop owners notes, teacher information, ordering guides and kit information.  In addition you will have access to a password protected area of our web site where you may view full color, step by step photos of suggested demonstrations and techniques. 

Extended Sample Life!  When your club completes a project, hang the sample in your store.   Maximize your sales by offering patterns and fabric kits to your non-club member customers. 

How much does it cost?

$25.  Each packet includes 1 sample pattern, 4 newsletters, 3 EXTRA projects, Shop Owner and Teacher Info, fabric/notion ordering information, demo tips and packaging ideas! 

How do I join?

Contact:          Karen Montgomery

                        The Quilt Company

                        3940 Middle Road

                        Allison Park, PA 15010


                        e-mail -              




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